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We would first like to say God bless you, and thank you for stopping by! Please join the Lord and many others on this journey of LIMITLESS possibilities! This journey all began when a missionary named Charlotte Whitacre went on two short term mission trips in August 2008 and March 2009, and was burdened with God's heart for a village by the name of Mugaruro, in Burundi, Africa. 

In February 2010, after having a prophetic dream and spending 7 days in solitude with the Lord, He called her to abandon herself to Him, and what He was calling her to do in Burundi. She sold her belongings, and flew to Burundi in June 2010 alone, yet always with Him. She lived in Burundi from June 2010 until November 2013 and currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri. During her stay in Burundi, so much was accomplished through The Lord! What started out as a journey of serving a village, grew into also building Burundi House of Prayer. Find out more about it on our blog! 

Here at Possibilities Ministries, it is very important that we keep our focus on building His Kingdom in the most effective way that will have an everlasting impact. We are not here to just do good programs and outreaches, we are here to see Burundi forever changed through the love of Jesus Christ. 

Not only do we serve Burundi, but we also believe that Possibilities Ministries will reach the nations. May our Lord Jesus Christ receive all the glory! 

Building a House of Prayer in Burundi

We have now opened up a prayer room to the public, it is truly a special place. The prayer room is our training and equipping center. It is also a place of encountering the heart of the Father, praying the heart of the Father, and worshipping Him in total abandonment. From the prayer room, we will train and equip many local Burundians, who will take the fire out into the streets, including the village of Mugaruro. We have faith that one day we will have funds to build BHOP in town. (It is currently being run out of our missionary home).

For more information about the House of Prayer, click on the BHOP link.

Seeing the Village of Mugaruro Forever Changed

We have a big vision for Mugaruro. Mugaruro is a BIG village with approximately 7300 people! We desire to see the lives of Mugaruro changed forever through the love of Jesus Christ. 

For more information about Mugaruro, and to see all the work which has been done since 2008, please click on the Mugaruro or Blog link.

How can you be a part of what God is doing through Possibilities Ministries?

The work that we are doing is very extensive and strategically focused. We need help in so many areas!

- PRAYER!!!!!!!!!!! Please pray for us!!!!!!!!!!! We can't do this without your prayers!

- Volunteers that will come and lay down their lives for a season, or forever, -  to help build the Kingdom      of Jesus.

- Administrative tasks, fundraising, social media, marketing, etc.

- Financial support.  

Please prayerfully consider what role you can play in this grand plan that the Lord is unfolding before our eyes EVEN NOW as you read this!

Jesus shares with us the parable of a Good Samaritan in the Gospel of Luke. Jesus said in Luke 10:37 “Go and do likewise.” Some walked by, the Good Samaritan however, saw the need, stopped, and gave of his time and resources. We each have an opportunity to please the Lord, and do the same. Maybe you can be that Good Samaritan, and help us to forever change Burundi, which is the HEART OF AFRICA, through the love of Jesus Christ. We know that the heart is the source of life to the body. Imagine what will happen when Burundi, the very heart of Africa is brought REAL and TRUE life! You and I can be a part of this very GRAND plan. One thing we have witnessed time and time again, is how faithful He is to His Word, and how ALL things truly are POSSIBLE with Him. Anything is possible to the one who believes!  

 “With GOD All Things Are Possible!” Matthew 19:26

  HOW CAN WE NOT HELP?????????????????????????????

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